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BMW E34 E38 E39 Power seat tilt gearbox gear  
Price:USD$ 40.00  
Weight: 0.05 Kg
Item: HGG5012
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2022-02-07 14:50:06 
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Product information

BMW E34 E38 E39 Power seat tilt adjustment gearbox gear

Product No. HGG5012

♦ Green color

♦ 8 teeth+43 Teeth

♦ Inclined direction of gears: Left  →Right (11→5 o’clock)

 ♦  iron

Please confirm the picture before ordering.

BMW E39 735i Power Seat


Made in Taiwan
High Quality

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Q 1 : 黃from: 2022-03-24 23:56:36
E39 的! 可以寄香港嗎?
2022-03-25 09:47:15
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