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Mercedes BENZ W204 Power seat rail gear repair kit  
Price:USD$ 70.00  
Weight: 0.04 Kg
Item: HGG5035
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2022-01-18 16:32:53 
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Product information

Mercedes BENZ W204 Power seat rail gear repair kit

Product No. HGG5035

♦ Seat base (horizontal) forward & back

Please confirm the picture before ordering.

Made in Taiwan
High Quality

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Ask questions about this product
Q 1 : Spencer Chanfrom: 2022-08-12 18:40:27
HGG5035 what is that silver colour part is for ?
Thanks for your inquiry.
The silver part is the bracket for fixing the gearbox of seat.
Kind regards
Lucy Hsieh
2022-08-16 17:11:38
Q 2 : Hasnan Khanfrom: 2022-02-04 15:18:05
Hi. I ordered this part for 2 weeks ago. I havent received it yet. Can you take a look at it?
I have checked the delivery status online, and the information from the post office website indicates that the parts are already in Norway, and they may be in transit right now. Please be patient.
Kind regards
Lucy Hsieh
2022-02-06 15:34:40
Q 3 : Zarik johnfrom: 2022-01-27 00:03:31
Hi I need to send this part to United Kingdom can I have a price including delivery please.
Including shipping the price as below
Unit price: US$70.00 X 1 Pc= US$70.00
Shipping cost: Air transporter US$8.00
Total: US$78.00
Lucy Hsieh
2022-01-28 10:33:27
Q 4 : Paulfrom: 2017-11-15 07:07:10
I have confirmed this is the part I need, please advise on the price and delivery to Australia
I need it urgently
Please use the site shopping cart function orders.thank you
2018-03-02 15:14:53
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