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Mercedes BENZ W211 W203 Door central lock springs repair kit  
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Item: HGB6017
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2018-10-08 14:33:50 
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Product information

Door central lock springs repair kit for Mercedes W211 W203

Product No. HGB6017

♦ Repair kit : contains 2 pcs of spring (one side different from spring)

Breakdown situation :

There are abnormal sounds, and the vehiccle door lock latch actuator ( central controls lock ) is unable to lock in.

Breakdown reason :

Door lock latch actuator break to the inside spring components, So let  central controls lock cannot locked.

Reduce trouble :

  1. Besides replace new whole set ( Door lock latch actuator),
  2. or replace the inside spring components is also very good choice, then it can
    save your money.

BENZ W211 W203 Door central lock springs repair kit
Made in Taiwan
High Quality
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