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Side Mirror Folding Bracket For BMW F10 5 Series  
Price:USD$ 80.00  
Weight: 0.04 Kg
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2023-03-10 16:13:54 
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Product information
Side Mirror Folding Bracket For BMW F10 5 Series

Products No.HGB6100

Condition: New

Placement on Vehicle: Right, Left

Material: Iron

Features: Durable

Fit: BMW F10 5 Series 

Country/Region of Manufacture: TAIWAN

For BMW F10 5 series, it is necessary to destroy the outside mirror bracket when repairing the outside mirror electric folding drive motor.

After repairing the electric folding drive motor, you must assemble the upper and lower frame mounts of the outside mirror with outside mirror brackets of HGB6100.

The Side Mirror Folding Bracket of HGB6100 was installed completely.


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