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BMW E34 520i 530i 535i 540i M5 wiper connecting ro  
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Item: HGB6009
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2016-12-26 17:49:19 
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Product information

BMW E34 520i 530i 535i 540i M5wiper connecting rod copper bushing

Product No. HGB6009

E34 Wiper connecting rod pass through olng-time or causes of working life in the connecting ord, so let the copper to wear frequently. (As the show attached picture.)

When the automobile driving in the rain, the wipers is moved to bring noise problems and    let the driver have perplex.

For solution:
  1. Replace whole new set of wiper rod.
  2. or select second hand (used parts) to replace, but second hand the copper to wear with varying level different.
  3. For avoid the repetition breakdowns. we suggest you replacement of the internal copper rod set, and let you to save money.
PS.  You Tube video is only provide you how to removal of the old parts to change new parts assembly.
Please pay us charge for repair tool kit, If you are necessary for kit.

Made in Taiwan
High Quality
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Q 1 : Claudiu Rusufrom: 2023-03-10 01:18:31
Hello. Do you still sell the E34 wiper bushings? How can I order? Do I have to order 2 piece or 1 and it contains both? How much is the shipping to Czech Republic? Thanks
Thanks for your inquiry
As shown in the picture, HGB6009 is a set of two pieces.
You can order and pay directly on the website for this part.
Lucy Hsieh
2023-03-13 15:12:54
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