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Mercedes BENZ M272 & M273 Intake manifold switchover valve part-01  
Price:USD$ 100.00  
Weight: 0.02 Kg
Item: HGB6015
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2018-10-16 14:55:35 
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Product information

Product No.HGB6015

Suitable for Mercedes BENZ W203 &  W204 C Class, W211 & W212 E Class , W221 S Class , R171 R Class

♦ Manufacturer part Number: A 272 140 24 01 & A 273 140 07 01

♦ Other Part Number: 2721402401 & 2731400701

♦ Aluminum material

  • Out of order

It’ll appear every poor performance with its horsepower. While driving on the way. then you’ll find that base of variable intake manifold switchover valve parts are out of order after cheking up.

  • Maintenance

The original suppliers can only supply the entire set of it with very high price when comparing to hongmei’s price.

  • Great improvement

We’ve succeed in R & D the base of variable intake manifold switchover valve parts in accordance with the original ones.

We’ve made the material more durable and the original less than before. It’ll no longer need to be replaced by entire component, of course the cost can be cut down a lot.


Made in Taiwan
High Quality
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