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BMW E70 X5 Series Sunshade board of slider sunroof  
Price:USD$ 95.00  
Weight: 0.02 Kg
Item: HGB6020
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2016-12-27 15:12:31 
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Product information

BMW E70 X5 Series Sunshade board of slider sunroof parts

Product No. HGB6020


BMW E53 Panorama sunroof so many internal parts in market as the show attached picture2.

General auto parts shop available material to the main part as the show attached picture (see attached picture  2).

But, only front and rear the sunshade board of slide sunroof parts (see attached picture 3) for BMW Original manufacturer does not provide for No external sales.

If the sunshade board of slide sunroof (front and rear) breakdowns, it must replace whole new set for replacement, so you have to pay high price on this part.


The solution of problem:

BMW Original manufacturer is environmentally friendly plastic materials,

However, the working life is short. Please see attached picture 3, (front and rear the sunshade board of slide sunroof).


Our products: HGB6020

Save your money, materials improved

(2-1)It uses the aluminum alloy (HGB6020).

(2-2)Not easy to break and extend working life.

(2-3)It is not need to change sunroof replacement parts without the whole set.
Picture 1.  BMW E53 panorama sunroof.

Picture 2.  Internal parts for panorama sunroof.

Picture 3.  BMW Original manufacture front and rear sunshade board of slide sunroof.

Picture 4.  Improved type for HGB6020 sunshade board of slide sunroof.

Picture 5 & 6  HGB6020 for the position

Made in Taiwan
High Quality

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