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Mercedes BENZ W220 Headlight wiring harness connector kit (fits to H7 bulbs)  
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Weight: 0.06 Kg
Item: HGB6022
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2018-10-16 14:55:51 
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Product information

Headlight wiring harness connector kit for Mercedes W220 S Class (fits to H7 bulbs)

Product No.HGB6022

♦ Including: A Low Bean Connector, A High Bean Connectors, One Light Socket/Connector, One Main Plug.

♦ H7 Light Bulb System Only

BENZ W220 S Class  headlight intemal wiring is used environmentally friendly materials, However, the working life is short and

brittle. And also a short circuit to interfere with other computer functions for moving .

For save your money, only replace HGB6022 (Mercedes W220 Headlight wiring harness connector kit) .

You do not need to replace headlamps from whole set.

Mercedes W220 S Class Headlight Lamp (fits to H7 bulbs)

BENZ W2200 Cracked headlight wiring harness

Mercedes W220 Headlight wiring harness connector kit (fits to H7 bulbs)

BENZ W220 Headlight wiring on  Decenber 14, 2011 to enter the market,   We are welcome you to inquiry.


Made in Taiwan
High Quality
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